How to Germ-Proof Your House

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How to Germ-Proof Your House

You don’t need to be a germaphobe to want and appreciate a germ-free house. We’re not talking about the “live in a bubble” germ free – just common sense ways to help maintain your good health.

Remember – the stronger your immune system, the better your body can fight back against the flu and viruses.

Here are few handy tips for living at least mostly germ-free:

Wash Your Hands

You don’t need fancy potions to fight back when good ol’ soap and water normally do the trick. It’s so simple, but here’s the thing – unless you turn it into a habit, you’re not going to be consistent. And living germ-free is about taking positive and consistent actions. And yes, disinfecting gels help, too.

How to Germ-Proof Your House

Hands Off!

Most respiratory viruses spread when droplets from sneezes or coughs land in noses, mouths, and eyes. So, the less you touch your face, the less risk you are at giving aid and comfort to germs out to make your life miserable. Teaching your kids to keep their hands to themselves? If nothing else, you’ll get an A+ for trying.

Don’t Share Dinnerware

If your child contracts a stomach bug, make sure he refrains from sharing food, drinks, and silverware with the rest of your family. Experts recommend providing him with his own set of dishware until he recovers.

Close, Then Flush

Flushing the toilet with the lid up is like sticking a trampoline in the bowl – up come the germs that can land just about anywhere, including on toothbrushes. Yuck! So instead, close the lid first. It’s another habit well worth developing.

Change Towels and Sheets

Regular washing of sheets, towels, and other linens prevents trading germs with other family members. If a member of your family is sick, give them a set of linens that are for their exclusive use until they recover. If necessary, replace cloth hand towels with paper towels during a family illness.

Scrub School Gear

Your child’s backpack and lunchbox can house germs and carry them into your home. Banish bacteria by regularly hand washing gear or using a spray disinfectant such as Lysol. Check the care label to see if your bag is sturdy enough to take a spin in the washing machine.

All hands on…

What are the items in your house that almost everyone touches and pretty much every day? That’s a lot of ground to cover, but here’s a short list: remote controls, computer keypads, cabinet hardware, fridge and microwave handles, light switches, and so much more. So, make it a habit to wipe them down with a disinfectant cloth every few weeks. Every little bit helps.

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